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About Us

Bruce McComb
Bruce McComb - AKA Mr Waterproof iPhone Case Man. In the background is my home beach at the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Of course this shot is taken with one of our cases!

About Bruce (Founder WPIC)

In 2011 I started this website not long after I bought my first waterproof case. Being a keen surfer, diver & snowboarder (and loving taking photos & videos), I was extremely impressed with what these cases could offer me. At the time there was nowhere else in Australia selling a decent range of the cases as they were relatively new, so I decided to take my enthusiasm for the products and turn it into an online business. From humble beginnings I have increased the range of cases to the large variety you see here today. I have also published many videos and reviews to help give people the information they are looking for before they buy.

We Rigorously Test EVERY Single Case Ourselves!

I feel the most important thing about my business is that myself and my friends test every single case before we choose to sell it. This allows us to be fully confident that we are only offering high quality waterproof cases that let you have a good time without risking damaging your phone. This is very important! Fortunately for us (and our phones) we have not had any troubles with any of the cases we have tried - 'touch wood'. I suppose this is mainly because we have only tried products from reputable manufacturers. There are cheaper imitation cases on the market, but we don't go anywhere near these for obvious reasons (and recommend you don't too).

Great Prices, Quick Shipping in Australia & Original Manufacturers Warranty!

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We are in close contact with all the manufacturers who make the cases we sell. We have set up special deals so that you get the lowest prices available in Australia for most of the cases - plus free shipping on quite a few items too. All products (unless marked otherwise) are always in stock, and every afternoon I pack and send all orders I receive for the day. This means you get your case very quickly after ordering - especially if you choose the Express Post option - which is often 'Next Day Delivery'. The other advantage buying direct from us means you get a full manufacturers warranty for each case. These warranties are specifically marked in the 'specifications' section on each product page.

The Toughest Cases Around

I am also a stone mason by trade, so on my job sites I need a good tough case to keep my phone protected. Most of the cases we stock are also high impact resistant, and have done the job very well for me. I just wish I knew about the cases in the past before quite a few phones I owned 'bit the dust' so to speak! Because we are based in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia, we use personally use and test these cases in the toughest Australian conditions. This includes surfing, swimming and diving even when we get a good swell down here, as well as on our regular visits to Mt. Hotham in snow season. We have yet to be disappointed with any case!

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If you are after an international delivery outside of Australia, I would recommend visiting our USA based Site:

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and I look forward to providing more products and videos in the near future - Bruce McComb - Mr. Waterproof iPhone Case Man

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact me personally here. as I am more than happy to help you out.